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Privacy breach in Canadian handgun consultations

Minister Bill Blair admits Canadian government recorded IP addresses of Canadians filling out online survey Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, has admitted to a privacy breach in an online survey that was advertised to Canadians as “anonymous”. The government recorded the IP addresses of everyone surveyed […]

Firearms screening backlogs

Investigations into whether gun licences should be revoked due to violent incidents or mental illness have faced “significant delays” that could endanger public safety, says an internal RCMP review. A lack of timely access to certain police and medical information has contributed to processing backlogs for firearms officers reviewing licence […]

Senator Dean twists statistics

Senator Dean twisted statistics on the Senate floor. He incorrectly said that shooting was the most common way to commit suicide in Canada. It is not. According to Cause of Death statistics reported by Statistics Canada, hanging has been the most common suicide method for decades, accounting for an average 47% of all suicides […]

Firearms registry: registration is going slow

Hunters in Quebec are reluctant to register their firearms in the new Quebec registry, launched nine months ago, following the abolition of the federal registry. Just 14% of all unrestricted long guns in circulation in Quebec have been registered since the Act came into force on January 29th. Time is […]