Liberals disdain for Hunters

When legendary hunter @JimShockey_ appeared before #SECU, @PamDamoff just couldn’t help embarrassing herself. It’s not the 1st time, as you’ll see in another clip with anti-hunter @alandrummond2 from @Docs4GunControl #cdnpoli   ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????When legendary hunter @JimShockey_ appeared before #SECU, @PamDamoff just couldn't help embarrassing herself. It's not the 1st time, as you'll […]

Est-ce toi qui est recherché?

Bonjour à tous, comme vous avez pu le constater, nous avons réduit considérablement la publication d’articles. De mon côté j’ai des problèmes avec mon ordinateur (qui a de l’age), je dois m’en acheter un autre prochainement. Pour le moment je me contente d’utiliser un ipad, ce qui est plus difficile […]

AR-15 likely target of planned OIC

The other day, Tony Clement rose in the House of Commons to ask Bill Blair the following: “I am told on good authority that the prime minister has a secret plan to ban legal firearms. Apparently, this secret plan is to be executed by cabinet directive with no debate in […]

New Zealand shootings will prompt careful gun review in Canada, Goodale predicts

OTTAWA — The federal public-safety minister suggests the deadly mass shooting in New Zealand will spur parliamentarians to take a careful look at Canada’s gun laws. Ralph Goodale says the killing of 50 people in Christchurch has sparked a global sense of concern that will prompt Canadian politicians to make some timely decisions. Goodale says his cabinet […]