Firearms Registry: Geneviève Guilbault relies on the gentle method

Minister Geneviève Guilbault launches the moment on the gentle method to convince hunters to register their firearms on the register.

“There are fines, yes, for people who have not fulfilled their obligations, but you know, before the repression, I prefer to bet on the prevention part,” she said Monday, in margin of a press conference in Quebec City.

The Party of Quebec Reclamation of Assemblies to Recording weapons to the render, more acceptable to the eyes of amateur of hunting.

Owners of unrestricted rifles and shotguns have until January 29 to register, that nothing can be changed until $ 5,000 is provided. However, 273,762 weapons have been registered so far out of a total estimated at 1.6 million.


Even the elected Caquists who voted against the register, to make their constituents aware of the importance of their weapons before the deadline. Geneviève Guilbault believes that the holiday season can be a better time.

Remember that eight MPs voted against the creation of the Quebec long gun registry in 2016, including the elected CAQ. Six of them are still in politics, including Ministers Eric Caire and André Lamontagne.

Liberal MP Christine St-Pierre is asking her minister Guilbault not to yield to the pressures of her own caucus and to maintain it. “She has to show that it’s as long as a woman, she believes in the registry,” she says.