Gun owners have not said their last word

A pressure group is asking the Minister of Public Safety to abolish the Quebec gun registry.

On October 26, Luc Boucher, a member of the pressure group “All against a Quebec gun registry”, sent a letter to the new Quebec Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault. Since the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) has promised to stop the waste of public funds, Mr. Boucher believes that the Government of Quebec should therefore abolish the Quebec gun registry.

An expensive and unnecessary procedure

According to Luc Boucher, the Firearms Registration Service (SIAF) has so far collected only “3% of the weapons in circulation in Quebec, which corresponds to the commercial sales of new and used weapons”. Likewise, he is of the opinion that transactions between two individuals are not registered in most cases, making the register completely useless.

Mr. Boucher received many endorsements, including that of Stefan Jetchick, a candidate in the previous federal election in the riding of Louis-Hébert. In an email sent to Ms. Guilbault, Mr. Jetchick recalled that historically, firearms records had been used by totalitarian regimes to disarm their populations in order to gain power.

A popular movement that is gaining momentum

In his letter, Luc Boucher asks the Minister “to please submit the concerns of firearms owners in Quebec to the next caucus of your party”. It should be noted that this organization arouses a strong interest among the population because it is “followed by more than 27,000 people on social networks”.

In addition, these members hope that the change in government will have the effect of changing the attitude of politicians to gun owners. Thus, “All Against a Quebec Firearms Registry” calls on the CAQ to stop firearms owners being instrumentalised for populist purposes by politicians in power.